Idina Menzel edits - 1 / ?

make me chooseidina menzel or naomi watts? | requested by tashromanoff

Idina Menzel’s not so innocent introduction of TMOLM for the Broadway Cares auction

Idina Menzel for Billboard Magazine - 2 / ?

Idina Menzel for Billboard Magazine - 1 / ?

"There’s an insecurity that if I don’t show my powerful sound, people won’t like me. Who am I, if I’m not this singer with big high notes? I identify with my voice. But I’m more than just the acrobatics." (x)




hiiiiiiiiii guys! so this is still sarah, this is still my idina blog, the url is the same, i just had to start over :)

think of it as my house accidentally burning down, so i had to go away, but i built the exact same house in the exact same place and i’ll decorate it the exact same way :)

i’m currently in the process of making a sidebar gif and i might end up making an entire gifset tonight :) but first i think i might just repost some of my old edits to get this thing up and running (and well, they’re my edits, so i can repost them :D)